Industrial Safety and Technical Consultancy

Industrial Safety and Technical Services

Total Safety Commander:

Integrator of safety systems

  • One place, one screen all safety systems integrated
  • The platform for supporting safety management systems of industrial facilities
  • Proven products for industry
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement of the reliability of key safety functions of industrial facilities and their effective implementation in case of adverse and catastrophic event
  • Designed for efficient fulfillment of the requirements of SEVESO 111 in respect of the need for safety management system and other industry recommendations
  • TSCom can be implemented step by step which makes it possible to achieve better assurance and reassurance conditions for industrial facilities


Industrial Safety Systems

 For the Oil and Gas as well as the chemical sector:

  • Creating integrated fire and and gas detection systems
  • Determination and verification of SIL for safety circuits
  • Technological fire and extinguishing systems
  • The use of state-of-the-art safety technology one path detection, wireless detection systems, autonomous power supply

For the food (including breweries) sector:

  • Refrigerant gas leak detection systems ammonia, NH, Freon and others
  • Safety system dedicated to the companies under SEVESO111 directive
  • Carbon dioxide (CO) control system
  • Chemical substance leak detection 
  • For ships and platforms:

  • Maritime
    fire and gas detection systems with MED approval
  • Monitoring
    inert gas zones
  • Personal
    gas detection with management and supervision systems


 For facilities at risk of dust explosions:

  • Dust fire and explosion protection system
  • HRD decompression and explosion isolation systems
  • Detection of smouldering coal and biomass, fire extinguishing systems
  • Selection of systems, calculation and analysis of structural resistance to explosion

Gas Detection System

Selection and delivery of measurement and signaling equipment for use in a variety of sectors, including mining, processing of oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and power industries.

  1. Advanced gas detection systems
  2. Cutting edge measurement technologies
  3. Safety integrity levels SIL1, SIL2, SIL3
  4. Detection systems which use distributed control systems
  5. Wireless detection systems that do not require an external power supply

  • Portable gas detectors for Ex zones and mining

  • Service of gas detection with use of iNet ALSS

INet ALSS – is an innovative portable gas detectors fleet management system connected to the system of location of the employees and alarming about concentration of gas

  • Other portable equipment
  • Flashlights and lightings systems
  • Digital and thermal imaging cameras
  • Other equipment for the Ex-zones computers, personal digital assistants (PDA), industrial tablets


We offer optimal selection, delivery, implementation and maintenance of equipment and systems in respect of :

  1. ProcessAutomation
  2. Intrinsically safe operators
  3. Pressure and temperature gauges
  4. Pressure and temperature switches
  5. Fieldbus
  6. Remote I/O
  7. HMI
  8. Heat Tracing and Heating
  9. Procurement
  10. Detailed Engineering
  11. Front end Engineering and Design (FEED)
  12. Heating Solutions for Hazardous Areas
  13. Installation and Construction
  14. Commissioning
  15. Protection
  16. System for Instrumentations
  17. Enclosures
  18. Turnkey Solutions
  19. Shelters for Large Scale Protection
  20. SAFE LINK Service
  21. Modular Cabinets
  22. Fire Shelters
  23. Explosion Protected Electrical Equipment
  24. Lighting (LED, FL, HID)
  25. Cable Transits, Glands, Plugs
  26. Distribution Boards
  27. Control Stations
  28. Ex Motors
  29. Ex UPS Systems



Explosion Proof Electrical Equipment

Comprehensive services in terms of the selection and completion of devices compliant with applicable rules and standards for the use of devices in potentially explosive
areas. Full project and documentation support during investments in distribution/control apparatus and lighting systems.

  1. Ex electrical installation, control and distribution equipment
  2. Exe and Exi distribution and terminal boxes
  3. Control stations
  4. Exd and Exe electrical switchgears
  5. Grounding and monitoring system
  6. Cable glands, redactors, adapters
  7. Sockets, plugs, connectors, and safety
  8. Safety switches
  9. Signaling devices

  • Ex lighting systems
  • LED and florescent light fittings
  • Floodlights and spotlights
  • Emergency light fittings
  • Sightglass fittings and sightglasses
  • Central batteries

  • Interfaces and system solutions for Ex automation
  • Intrinsically safe barriers and seperators
  • Remote I/O
  • HMI, operator terminals and PC
  • Fieldbus Foundation Systems
  • CCTV systems and cameras
  • Wireless systems
  • Exp cabinet

ASE Expert

We provide analysis and expert evaluation, training and competence in the field of industrial safety:

  1. Process
    Safety Analyses
  2. Audits
  3. Safety Review (SR)
  4. Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA)
  5. Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP)
  6. Layer of protection Analysis (LOPA)
  7. What if
  8. Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)
  9. Event Tree Analysis (ETA}
  10. Failure mode and Effects Analysis (FMECA)
  11. Cause Consequence Analysis (CCA)
  12. Functional Safety Management
  13. Audits
  14. SIL determination
  15. Safety Requirements Specification (SRS)
  16. Conceptual and detailed design
  17. SIL verification
  18. Explosion Safety / ATEX, IECEX
  19. Audits
  20. Preliminary ATEX audits
  21. Technical ATEX audits
  22. Hazardous areas classification
  23. Explosion risk assessment
  24. Customer specific analysis and reports
  25. Explosion protection documentation
  26. Verification and certification for Ex installation (mechanical and electrical equipment)
  27. Fire Protection / OSH
  28. Fire Protection health and safety audit OSH
  29. Fire safety analysis
  30. Fire safety instructions
  31. Assessment of implementation of the requirements of health and safety OSH